The Central Australian Affordable Housing Company (CAAHC) welcomed the Public Accounts Committee Report into Town Camp Housing as a blueprint to improve living conditions and housing.

CAAHC CEO Sally Langton said it was heartening to have an NT Government report recognise the failures in the current system and make solid recommendations for improvement.

“This report puts the concerns CAAHC and other organisations have had for more than five years on the public record at last,” Ms Langton said.

“As the report states, many of these issues have been neglected by Government for years, resulting in poor housing, overcrowding and the ongoing problems this creates in the community.

“CAAHC trusts that the NT government will take immediate note of the findings and address the issues raised as a matter of urgency.

“Some of them can be dealt with now as systemic and internal issues.

“We should not be waiting until the results of a Review that hasn’t even begun, or for the new strategies that may flow on from this Review to be implemented.

“We are running out of time to correct these mistakes. Any further time spent dwelling on the past and passing blame will be time wasted. We need to move now.

“CAAHC is pleased to note the PAC has also supported our position that a community housing model should be considered as the most effective way of managing housing on Town Camps.

“CAAHC stands ready for discussion and co-operation with the NT Government to develop new models and ways forward that will improve housing and the lives of Alice Springs Town Campers.”

For further information please contact Sally Langton on 0412 321 260

May 25, 2016