Goodbye Winter

This weekend we lucky Centralians said seeya later to winter.

It’s nothing scientific, it’s just local lore that has it the weekend of the Old Timer’s Fete is the start of our Spring.

I like the Old Timers Fete. If you aren’t from Alice you probably won’t understand what makes a large chunk of the town’s population go out to the local old folks home for a fete.

Henley on Todd is for tourists – the Old Timers Fete is ours.

You have to get there as soon as the gates open to score the best preserves and cakes. I’m never able to make it in time to line up outside the gates of Old Timers of a sunny Saturday morning to score a prime jar of chutney.

I get there for the left overs. Usually I end up with the grapefruit marmalade. This year, not even that, ‘tho I did score a great satay and delish fruit salad.

It’s very old school as far as fetes go and I reckon that’s what gives it charm. There’s book stalls, white elephant, treasures (junk), plants, cakes, handmade things galore.

It’s a nice way to say hi to a couple of glorious weeks of Spring. Though with 35 degrees forecast for later this week Spring may only be a day or two this year. That’s life in the desert.